(Full-Time) Counselor – Off Main Clinic

Counselor at Off Main Clinic provides individual case management to patients on methadone maintenance or detoxification; serves as primary team member for the development of individualized treatment plans; provides education to individuals and families; provides individual, group and family counseling as outlined in patient treatment plans; performs assessments and orientation/intake services, acting as key staff in determination of admission to the program; monitors patients’ monthly urinalysis results and methadone dosage levels in collaboration with program medical staff; maintains detailed and accurate written records in compliance with Federal, State and County, as well as accreditation and program requirements, may be scheduled to work weekends and holidays, attends mandatory program and agency staff meetings, assists in developing program goals.

Essential duties include: Interviews patients, reviews records and confers with other professionals and staff members; Assists patients in identifying and progressing toward their chosen goals; Develops and updates written treatment plans in conjunction with patients and other professionals and staff; Advocates for patients in all areas of treatment and helps them apply for and receive services; Provides prompt intervention in case of a crisis both to stop the crisis and to notify persons and agencies necessary for the resolution of the situation; Counsels patients individually and in group counseling sessions to assist patients in overcoming their substance dependency; Counsels family members, where appropriate, to assist them in understanding substance dependence and supporting patients in treatment; Refers patients to other support services as needed, such as medical evaluation and treatment, social services, housing services, and employment services; Monitors condition of patients to evaluate success of treatment and adapts treatment as needed; Prepares and maintains reports and case histories; Provides support and training for other staff members as needed; Participates in continuing quality improvement processes and evaluating the effectiveness of the program; Attends program and agency staff meetings; Enforces the policies and procedures of the Off Main Clinic and Community Human Services.

Minimum qualifications: High school diploma or GED, Certified alcohol and drug counselor or registered intern in State-approved program (CAADE no longer accepted), Two years related work experience, Two years clean and sober if in recovery, Knowledge of community resources used in treatment and case management, Oral and written fluency in English language.

Starting pay if Registered $3,407 – $3,756 if Certified $3,539-$3,902 per month D.O.E. Additional 5% if bilingual (E/S). Generous benefits package including medical, dental and vision coverage. AA/EOE.