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Kitchen Prep/Service/Clean Up Volunteer — Casa De Noche Buena (CDNB)

This volunteer opportunity assists the CDNB Staff in preparing dining room for service, preparing and serving breakfast or dinner based on the menu that is provided, and cleaning the service areas and kitchen after meals.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Serving meals based on Weekly Meal Menu. Warming food, serving food, and distributing food and drinks to guests.
  • Preparing dining room for service. Cleaning and disinfecting dining room tables, chairs, drink station, and high touch areas.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen countertops, sinks and areas used and bringing them to order. Labeling and storing food, discarding expired food, using the three-sink compartment and sanitizing machine, and putting away clean dishes.

Volunteer will assist staff with support in kitchen and dining room. Volunteers needed Saturday’s 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm and/or Sunday’s 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm.

Volunteer must have the capacity to relate to people in a friendly, and professional manner.

Volunteer will avoid dual relationships with clients during the time services are being provided and for at least two (2) years following the termination of services.

The volunteer will never attempt to counsel or advise clients on matters outside their role as a volunteer but can encourage client’s participation in program with CDNB’s Case Manager. Volunteer will not encourage clients to adopt their own beliefs/behaviors/value system, rather than the clients.

Volunteer will not engage in sexual contact or sexual behavior (verbal and non-verbal) with clients during the time services are being provided, and for at least two (2) years following the end/termination of services or employment.

Volunteer will not discuss any client confidential information, to any other clients, and to anyone outside of CDNB.

The CDNB Kitchen Volunteer must be approved to work with Community Human Services and have a valid Food Handler certificate. The CDNB Kitchen Volunteer must be able to work with a diverse clientele. Persons in this position must have a capacity to relate to people in a friendly and professional manner.

submit application

Please send your completed application via email or post. Please include “Volunteer” in email subject line.

send to:

Rosie Angulo
Administrative Services Manager
Community Human Services

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3076, Monterey, CA 93942
Phone: 831-658-3811
Fax: 831-658-3815